The ID4Africa Ambassadors are senior-level government officials that act as important liaisons between the identity stakeholders in their country and the ID4Africa Movement. Furthermore, they provide governance and direction to the Movement, ensuring the identity interests of their country are well represented on the ID4Africa agenda.

Each of the 48 African member countries is represented by an Ambassadors Bureau consisting of  an Ambassador and up to two Deputy Ambassadors (one required to represent an ICT Ministry or equivalent). The Ambassadors Council is the assembly of all 48 Ambassador Country Bureaus. 

Since the launch of the Ambassadors Program in 2016, Ambassadors have served as key advocates for digital transformations of identity and have ensured that their countries’ priorities and presence are well represented in all ID4Africa activities, especially our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and LiveCasts.


  • Create awareness in their country about identity matters and ID4Africa as a pan-African Movement.
  • Act as liaisons between ID4Africa and those responsible for the development of identity programs in their country.
  • Inspire others to do good through identity systems.
  • Promote identity systems best practices.
  • Participate in ID4Africa’s Annual Meeting as an advocate for identity concerns in their country.
  • Operate within ID4Africa Code of Ethics and any policy directives issued by its Governance Body.


Our Ambassadors are the most important link between the Movement and their respective countries. They play an integral role in influencing and shaping the direction of the ID4Africa Movement to ensure that the issues pertaining to the development of identity ecosystems in their countries are prioritized and addressed in all our activities including the Annual Meeting. The appointed role is merit based and results in quite a number of both rewarding and fulfilling opportunities.

ID4Africa Ambassadors are fully funded to attend the ID4Africa Annual Meetings with opportunities to network with 1500+ international delegates from over 90 nations, including 48+ from within Africa.

ID4Africa Ambassadors are often privy to advanced career opportunities given their highly recognized leadership activity within the ID4Africa Movement.
ID4Africa Ambassadors have an opportunity to represent their organization and nation as exclusive rapporteurs at the ID4Africa annual meetings.
ID4Africa Ambassadors receive elevated profile and visibility with direct access to senior management within the ID4Africa General Secretariat and our esteemed Board of Advisors.
ID4Africa Ambassadors play an integral role in nominating key representatives from the various ministries working towards developing identity schemes within their country.
Long-standing Ambassadors receive the honorary title of Ambassador Emeritus upon serving for 4 consecutive years within the Movement – an honour that will last a lifetime.
Visit our Ambassadors Program page to meet our current Ambassadors.

Learn more on how to apply to be an Ambassador in the next class.

For general enquiries, please email ambassadors@id4africa.com