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We’re proud of all the contributions made by our Ambassadors towards making SDG 16.9 a reality. While many go unnoticed behind the scenes, here are some highlights of the difference they have been making within their countries.

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ID4Africa Ambassadors from Côte d’Ivoire plan year agenda to boost digital identity

3-Feb-22: "En ma qualité d'ambassadeur de ID4AFRICA pour la Côte d’Ivoire, j'ai eu ce jour 03 février à mon cabinet, une séance de prise de contact avec Mme Karidja KONE, Directrice de l'affiliation à la CNAM, Ambassadrice Adjointe. Au terme de cette séance de travail, nous avons arrêté le planning des activités à mener au cours de cette année, en vue de dynamiser l'identité numérique en Côte d'Ivoire." - Ambassador Konaté

Sierra Leone becomes one of the first countries in Africa to issue Securitized and Serialized Legal Identity Certificates from birth to death.

3-Feb-22: "The NCRA and by extension the Government of Sierra Leone, in a bid to further strengthen the Integrated Civil Registration System now introduces the use of Securitized and Serialized Legal Identity Documents which will record occurrence and characteristics of vital events related to its citizens and other residents as provided for and in accordance with the NCRA Act of 2016" - Ambassador Massaquoi Learn more

Angola celebrates National Day of Identification

5-Jan-22: "The Ministry of Justice and Human Rights celebrates, today, January 5th, the Identifier Day, the date on which the first Identity Card of independent Angola was issued, attributed to the late President Dr. António Agostinho Neto. The moment is for reflection on the activities already carried out within the scope of the attribution of citizenship to all Angolans. It is important to highlight the great Program for the Massification of Birth Registration and Attribution of the Identity Card that takes place in Angola and in the diaspora. From January 5, 1976 to the present date, 17,583,485 Identity Card processes have been processed and, currently, 12,286,543 Angolans have ID cards." - Ambassador Cavuquila

Somalia ID Team presents at SOMNOG Conference

30--Oct-21: "The Somali ID Team continues the campaign to ID the population. We are happy to inform that our Deputy Ambassador to the ID4Africa Movement, Dr. Hassan Mahadallah, made a presentation, entitled “ID4Development in the Digital Age,” at the SOMNOG Conference held in Mogadishu on 26-28 October, 2021. The Presentation was well received." - Ambassador Mahadallah

Meeting of the Guinea-Bissau National Identity Committee

30--Oct-21: "Good morning everyone. The National Identity Committee of Guinea-Bissau is currently meeting." - Ambassador Sanca

Lesotho launches automated birth registration

7-Jul-21: "Colleagues, I am very pleased to share with you that today, Lesotho Officially launched automation of birth registration in all Health facilities in pursuit to SDG 16 ; Target 16.9 The Launch was made by His Majesty King Letsie III as the Nation celebrates His 58 Birthday. During the launch, His Majesty handed over birth certificates to parents of the newborn ( five of whom born this morning)." - Ambassador Raboletsi

Modernization of Guinea-Bissau ID system

8-Jul-21: "Good morning everyone, I hereby inform you that at this moment the members of the National Identity Committee are meeting at the Ministry of Justice, discussing the steps taken on the modernization and reinforcement of identification and document security in Guinea-Bissau." - Ambassador Sanca

Nigeria officially declares September 16 as National Identity Day.

15-Sep-20: "The Sept. 16, has been declared as the National Identity Day. Following the approval of the federal government under the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria also formally adopted 16.9 as the National Identity Day." Learn more


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