Ali Larkem

Central Director of Technology foresight and monitioring; General Directorate of Modernization, Documentation and Archives
Ministry of the Interior, Local Government and Regional Planning

Ali Larkem is currently Central Director of Foresight and Technological Watch, at the General Directorate of Modernization, Documentation and Archives in the Ministry of the Interior, Local Government and Regional Planning. He has a dual competency profile in IT and Public Management. He has over 20 years’ experience in digitization and modernization projects within State institutions and administrations: electronic biometric passport, electronic biometric National Identity Card, electronic biometric driving license, national level information systems, and dematerialization of administrative procedures. He has held several senior government positions. He is also an Associate Professor at the National School of Administration (ENA) and an active member of several scientific, study and steering committees. 


Sebastião Edgar Fuma

Secondary Identification Assistant
National Directorate of Identification, Registration and Notary

Sebastião Edgar Fuma serves as Secondary Identification Assistant at the National Directorate of Identification, Registration and Notary in Angola. He started working at the National Directorate of the Civil and Criminal Identification Archive of Angola, an organ of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, in 2013, and joined the ranks of judicial officer in 2019. 

He is a strong supporter of causes and social activism, seeking to contribute to the promotion of equal opportunities and fundamental rights of humanity, respect, and appreciation of the cultural identity of communities. Professionally, he seeks to contribute to the realization of plans and programs aimed at maximizing the identification of Angolan citizens and reducing the number of unidentified African citizens.  

He has a Degree in Law and Business from The Open University, England. 


Aura Merveilles S. Hountondji

Head of Biometric Census and Civil Status Registration Service
National Agency for the Identification of Persons (ANIP)

Aura Merveilles S. Hountondji is Head of the Biometric Census and Civil Status Registration Service at the National Agency for the Identification of Persons (ANIP) in Benin. The service is responsible for implementing State reforms in terms of identification of persons and civil registration, taking into account Beninese nationals and foreigners residing in the territory, Beninese nationals of the diaspora as well as registration of all vital events in the National Register of Natural Persons (RNPP). Ms. Hountondji joined ANIP in November 2020 as a Telecoms Network Engineer in the “Consolidation of the Register of Natural Persons” project. She worked at SONATEL-ORANGE (Senegal) on an interim basis as a Cellular Radio Technician from 2017 to 2019. She holds a Masters in Networks and Telecommunications (Radio communication and Services specialization) from the Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications (ESMT)) in Dakar, Senegal. 


Gaone Angelinah Matakule

Assistant Director - Societies Registration
Department of Civil and National Registration

Gaone Angelinah Matakule currently serves as Assistant Director in the Department of Civil and National Registration. Her portfolio entails managing the registration of non- profit organisations and facilitating the Advisory and Arbitration Council. The Council is responsible for advising the Minister on issues affecting societies as well as arbitrating disputes within registered societies. Ms. Matakule has over ten years’ experience in civil registration and identity management. She previously held the positions of Regional Registration Officer and Field Services Coordinator, where she was responsible for, among others, ensuring timely access to registration services by the populace. She also worked as Identity Card Production Manager between 2014 and 2018, where she was charged with the efficient production of national identity cards. During this time, she facilitated the review of the National Registration Act and upgrading of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. 

Burkina Faso

Iness Pascaline Yameogo

Director, Unique identification and Security of Civil Registration Documents
General Directorate for the Modernization of Civil Registration

Iness Pascaline Yameogo is Director of the Unique Identification and Security of Civil Registration Documents at the General Directorate of Modernization of Civil Status – a core unit within the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Social Cohesion. She is responsible for the modernization of civil regisration services, the creation and implementation of a unique identifier for citizens, as well as securing data with the competent structures. Previously, Inès was Head of Networks and Information Systems Security within the IT Services Department.


Eliane Akoa Efa

Head of the Universal Birth Registration Project in Africa
National Bureau of Civil Registration of Cameroon (BUNEC)

Eliane Akoa Efa serves at the National Bureau of Civil Registration (BUNEC) as Head of the Universal Birth Registration Project in Africa and Focal Point of Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Data for Health Initiative in Cameroon. In these capacities, she tests innovative methods to improve the registration of births and deaths as well as the collection of statistics. Since 2019, she has also been participating in strengthening interoperability between health and civil registration through the development and implementation of the memorandum of understanding relating to the improvement of health systems and civil registration between the Ministry of Public Health and BUNEC, the installation of civil status offices in health facilities and the sustainable integration of birth registration into public health campaigns. Eliane is also a representative of BUNEC on the Africa CDC Continental Mortality Surveillance Framework. 

Cape Verde

Vânia Pereira

Assistant to the President of the Implementation Team
National Civil Identification and Authentication System (SNIAC)

Vânia Pereira is an IT professional who currently serves as Assistant to the President of the National Civil Identification and Authentication System Implementation Team since 2017, having coordinated the implementation of Cape Verde’s electronic identification documents: National ID Card, Cape Verdean Electronic Passport, Residence Permit for foreigners and solutions for the digital use of these documents (authentication and digital signature). 

Since 2004, she has acquired vast knowledge and ability to create software for dematerializing the services of the State of Cape Verde and facilitating the life of citizens, especially in terms of Civil Registration, Notary and Electronic Identification – eID. She performed several functions including analysis, coordination of solution implementation, training, knowledge transfer, maintenance and IT project management. 

Central African Republic

Edith Yolande Ouoko Delombaut

Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization

Bio not yet available.


Mainadjo Babbarou Siddicki

Director General, Territorial Administration
Ministry of Territorial Administration

Mainadjo B. Siddicki was recently appointed as Director General of Territorial Administration in the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Chad. Prior to this, he was the Director of Political Affairs and Civil Registration in this same Ministry, where he has been serving since 1988. Within this ministry he has been responsible for administrative circumscriptions and served as Director of Human Resources and Training as was Director of Political Affairs and Civil Registration In addition to his current role, he has been a Member of the Unit responsible for establishing the National Agency for Secure Titles. He is also rapporteur of the Steering Committee of the Global Assessment of the National Civil Registration System.  

Côte d’Ivoire

Karidja Kone Epse Bamba

Director of Affiliation
The National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM)

Bio not yet available.

D.R. Congo

Moussa M. Mbutho

Chief of Staff, Cabinet of the President's Special Adviser for Digital Transformation

Office of the President

Moussa MBUTHO is a specialist in information systems management (IS) and has strong expertise in a number of disciplines including risk management, IS urbanization development, management of portfolio projects, organizational management, consultancy, financial management of projects, managing multidisciplinary teams, marketing, and several other dynamic areas of specialized interest. He currently Chairs the Center de Séjours Scores d’Afrique Centrale (CSSAC), a Congolese organization whose mission is to contribute to building scientific and technical capacities to ensure sustainable development, through the promotion of education and training. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the NGO, Objectif International Science, (under Swiss law). Moussa has also been an adviser for ICT in the Office of the Prime Minister. Previously he also served in this capacity within the Cabinet of the Minister of Finance (2010-2012), and was Programmer Analyst (with specialization in biometrics) at the National Treatment Center (CNT) of the Independent Electoral Commission (2007-2011). In the past he was Network Administrator of the Aid and Investment Management Platform (PGAI) at the Ministry of Planning , Consultant of the Development Gateway Foundation for the deployment of the PGAI, and Assistant Secretary General of the University of Kinshasa (2007-2009). Moussa is an affiliate member of the International Association for International Association for Counseling (IAC), the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the DGroups community for an open government partnership (OGP – Open Government Partnership).


Phumlani F. Zwane

Assistant Regional Civil Registrar
Civil Registration and Vital Statistics Department

Bio not yet available.


Rahel Fidel

Technology Advisor to the Mayor
Addis Ababa City Administration

Rahel Fidel was born and raised in Ethiopia before moving to North America. While in the US and Canada, she pursued a Masters in Information Technology. Since relocating to Ethiopia in the last few years, she has been leading, directing and overseeing ICT development at the Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of Science and Technology and now at the Mayor’s Office in Addis Ababa. There she ensures continuous operation and cost-efficiency of the Ministry’s systems, network, database architecture and data security, in order to achieve consistency and reliability of hardware, software, non-system tools, data archiving and offsite disaster recovery management. Prior to moving to Ethiopia, Rahel worked at Stanford University for over 16 years in various areas within the IT department. Her responsibilities as system analyst consisted of designing new IT solutions, modifying, enhancing existing systems and integrating new features or improvements, all with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity.  


Huguette Mboumba Moussodou

Director of Communication and Public Relations
Pensions and Family Benefits Fund for State Agents (CPPF)

Huguette Mboumba Moussodou has been Director of Communication and Public Relations at the Pensions and Family Benefits Fund for State Agents (Caisse des Pensions et des Prestations Familiales des Agents de l’Etat (CPPF)) in Gabon since 2016. Prior to this position, she was Communication Advisor in charge of protocol at the Gabonese Embassy in the United States of America – Washington, DC. She was also a teacher and then Director of Studies at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Secrétariat, now IUSO (Omar BONGO ONDIMBA University, Libreville-Gabon). She is a Graduate of Strayer University, Washington DC. 


Reuben Tetteh

Deputy Head, Datacenter Operations
National Identification Authority

Reuben Tetteh is Deputy Head of Datacenter Operations at the National Identification Authority (NIA), Ghana. He is responsible for the end-to-end management of the Datacenter infrastructure and its related services. Prior to this, he served as a Network/System administrator and then as Acting Head of Technology & Biometrics at the NIA. He sits on several NIA committees and is currently the lead for the NIA business continuity plan drafting committee.

Reuben has an MBA from the Accra Business School, in affiliation with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. He also has an MSc in Information Communication Technology and a Post Graduate Diploma in ICT (Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration) and a BSc in Business computing and Information Systems from Wales University.


Sanaba Kaba

Director General, ANIES (National Agency for Economic and Social Inclusion)
Office of the Prime Minister

Sanaba KABA is a committed politician recognized for her tenacity in the field of governance. She has extensive microfinance experience, having worked for 11 years at PRIDE / FINANCE. She was also vice-president of the National Microfinance Agency, Advisor to the Head of State responsible for education and health matters, youth employment and women’s advancement before being appointed Minister of Social Action, Women’s Advancement and Childhood from 2014 to 2017, and member of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank and the Fund Emergency Trustee.


Edson Pereira

Coordinator, Project GESTDOC
Ministry of Justice and Human Rights/ Camões

Edson Pereira is Coordinator of the project GESTDOC – Modernizing and strengthening secure identity chains and documental security. He is a Project Manager linked to projects of information systems and technologies, civil and electronic identification, e-governance and sustainable development strategies related to ICT. Consultant for over 13 years, in several multinationals, in recent years he has been dedicated to transformation and innovation in public administration, mainly in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau. 


Janet W. Mucheru, MBS, MKIM

Registrar General, Civil Registration Services (CRS)
Ministry of Interior

Janet W. MUCHERU has extensive experience as a Civil Servant in the Government of Kenya. Prior to joining the Civil Registration Services (CRS), she worked as a Senior Administrator in various departments in the Government of Kenya.  She is currently the Registrar General of the CRS. She was instrumental in the implementation of the biometric system in Kenya’s airports and border posts after leading a delegation to benchmark in Malaysia, Singapore and USA. She is the Chairperson of the CRS Technical Committee, a member of Board of Management for various Government Institutions. 


Napo Khuele

Acting Director
National Identity and Civil Registry

Napo Khuele currently serves as Acting Director of the National Identity and Civil Registry (NICR) Department in Lesotho. He is a former Investigator with the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Offences and has been a part of the NICR department since its establishment 10 years ago as Integrity and Quality Assurance Manager.  

He was an integral part of the team that participated in the design and development of the integrated Civil Registration and Identity Management automated system and the roll out of the National ID program in Lesotho. He is also a member of the CRVS Core Team that led and coordinated the comprehensive assessment of the CRVS system in Lesotho and participated in the development of the CRVS strategic plan following the CRVS system Comprehensive Assessment. 


Winston Jah

Assistant Director-General for Public Information, Education and Training
National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP)

Winston Q. Jah is currently the Assistant Director-General for Public Information, Education and Training at the National Social Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), Liberia, where he is responsible for corporate public relations activities, chief educator on the national social security programs and staff professional development training specialist.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree in Economics from the University of Liberia and has obtained several achievement certificates including Pension Core Training (2007), International Training Center (ILO), Turin, Italy; World Bank Core Pension Training, World Bank Group (2010), Washington, D.C. USA; Strategic Planning for Senior Managers, (2012), Institute for Capacity Development, Windhoek, Namibia; Self Introductory Records Management ((2012), Carter Center, Monrovia, Liberia; Plain Language Reader Focus Training Course (2011); Customer Care 101 (2012). He also acquired local training in a number of professional courses, including Work Performance Appraisal Training (2011); Leadership, Module: 8, Team Building and Leadership, Liberia Institute of Success Technology & Leadership Studies, among others. In addition, he has represented NASSCORP at several meetings/seminars regionally and globally and served as resource assistant to the Technical Committee on Pension Reforms (2014 – 2016).


Serge Aina Nirina

Director of Programming and Monitoring and Evaluation
Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization

Serge Aina Nirina is Director of Programming and Monitoring and Evaluation in the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization of Madagascar. In his current position, he is at the heart of the implementation and monitoring of the various activities of the Ministry. He also works closely with the Department responsible for the reform of the civil status system and thus participates in the implementation of the reform in progress.

He has served as Administrative District Head and Representative of the State in some Districts in Madagascar. With his wide experience in the field, he conducted retroactive birth registration operations with the objective of issuing copies of birth certificates and national identity cards within the framework of the implementation of the birth registration rehabilitation program or EKA Program.

Serge is a graduate in Public Administration and holds a master’s degree in Management. He has knowledge and skills in various fields including legal, strategic, IT and managerial.


Thelma Saiwa

Chief Examiner AML/CFT
Reserve Bank of Malawi

Thelma Saiwa is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS 2016) who has worked with the Central Bank for over two decades. She has acquired vast experience in Supervision of Financial Institutions and General Administration.

As a Chief Examiner responsible for Anti Money Laundering/Combating of Terrorist Financing (AML/CFT) at the Reserve Bank of Malawi, she ensures through financial institutions surveillance that adequate due diligence of prospective customers, beneficial owners and entities is conducted through proper identification and verification processes prior to establishment of business relationships and conduct of transactions. She has an Executive MBA (2008).


Simbo Keita

Civil Status Data Processing Center

Bio not yet available.


Mounina Cheikh el wely Ahmed Mahmoud

Head of System and IT Maintenance, IT Department
Ministry of Interior and Decentralization

Mounina Cheikh el wely Ahmed Mahmoud is a computer design engineer. She has been Head of System and IT Maintenance Service within the IT Department of the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization since 2015. She is responsible for the programming and maintenance of IT systems. She is a graduate of the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique (ESP) in Dakar.


Beena Damadarsing-Goorapah

Temp. Principal Civil Status Officer, Civil Status Division
Prime Minister’s Office

Mrs. Beena Damadarsing-Goorapah has 11 years of experience at the Civil Status Division (CSD) which she joined in October 2010 as Civil Status Officer. For the last 7 years she has been performing at Senior Management level attached to the Office of the Registrar of Civil Status. In April 2021, Mrs. Damadarsing-Goorapah was appointed Temp. Principal Civil Status Officer which makes her the First Female Officer in that post and the second in the line of hierarchy of CSD.  Her responsibilities at the CSD constitute registration of all civil events and other matters related to the status/identity of a person in the Republic of Mauritius. Over the years, she has brought major changes at the CSD which include Setting up of a Marriage Hall for celebration of civil marriages, Digitalisation of civil status records, Online Application of civil status extracts and Amendment of Civil Status Act 1981. She holds a Master in Business Administration (General) and a BSc Hons. Public Administration and Management.  


Fátima Achá Baronet

Deputy National Director of Registries and Notary
Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs

Fátima Achá Baronet is the Deputy National Director of Registries and Notary at the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs of Mozambique; a position she has held since 2015. Prior to this, she served as Director of the 4th and 3rd Notary Offices of Maputo. She has a Law Degree from the Higher Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique (ISCTEM) and is also a graduate of the Center for Legal and Judicial Training. 


Taddeus Shambalula

Control Administrative Officer, National Population Identification and Production Division
Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Safety and Security

Taddeus Shambalula has worked in the field of Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) for over 10 years. He currently serves as Control Administrative Officer for National Population Identification and Production Division in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration, Safety and Security, Namibia. In this capacity, he oversees the production of quality-controlled ID cards from the Population Register, is responsible for the planning and budgeting of the Division, participates in the drawing up of annual budget proposals and identifies training needs for staff members.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree, a National Diploma and a National Certificate in Public Management from the Namibia University of Science and Technology.


Mouna Aminami Afagnibo

Senior Adviser, Communications expert
Office of the Prime Minister

Mouna Aminami AFAGNIBO is a senior advisor at the Prime Minister’s Office in the Republic of Niger. She is also a communications expert to the National System for Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). At the EITI she is responsible for organizing strategic communication plans, disseminating information and driving the organization’s objectives at national level. She also oversees the information system of ITIE Niger and manages the data collection process to extract and communicate the figures needed to produce their annual reports. Prior to her current roles she was a Project Manager for 2 years under a European Union project, which involved women and young adults in Niger’s political process. Prior to this, she served a oneyear term as Training Consultant at Field Consulting, and for 6 years was Child Protection Officer at Islamic Relief Worldwide. Beyond the working scene, Mouna is in charge of running training programs in leadership and entrepreneurship for women at the Nigerian Association for the Progress and Defense of Women’s Rights (2007 to date). She has a degree in computer science and a diploma in computer programming. She was elevated to the rank of Knight of the Order of Merit of Niger in 2020, by His Excellency the President of the Republic. 


Hadiza Ali-Dagabana

Director, Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Services/ Commission Secretary
National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

Hadiza Ali DAGABANA joined NIMC in 2008 to establish the Regulatory and Compliance Department.  She is currently General Manager for Legal, Regulatory & Compliances Services, and is Secretary to the Commission. Hadiza has over 26 years’ experience in corporate legal practice and is an active Member of the ID4Africa Movement; Secure Identity Alliance; Nigerian Bar Association; Federation of Women Lawyers and the International Bar Association. She has served extensively in legal capacity for the Nigerian government, holding roles such as Senior Counsel at the Bureau of Public Enterprises and Legal Advisor at Transcorp. Hadiza is widely accomplished academically; holding degrees and certification from a number of international and regional institutions.



Jean Claude Niyokwizerwa

Digital Identity and Trust Services Expert
Ministry of ICT and Innovation

Jean Claude Niyokwizerwa is seconded to the Rwanda Digital Acceleration Project from Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA). Currently, he is the project’s expert in Digital Identity and Trust Services where he oversees overall Implementation of Single Digital Identity (SDID). He has 15 years of experience in ICT, Immerging Technologies and Projects Management. Throughout the years he has contributed to various engagements including participating in the formulation and enforcement of different regulatory instruments in the ICT sector. He has also led research and implementation of a distributed systems architecture on behalf of RURA and the Smart Africa Secretariat. He also coordinated the Rwanda chapter of ITU Smart Incubator programme, aimed at using frontier technologies such AI, IoT and Block chain and linking the innovations through start-ups and SMEs for adoption of the ITU standardization.

Jean Claude holds a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA) Kigali-Rwanda and Master of Science Degree in Information Technology Management from Staffordshire University, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

São Tomé and Príncipe 

Alberto Pereira

Support Office to the National Authorizing Officer of the EDF in Sao Tome and Principe (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities).

Alberto PEREIRA joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of São Tomé and Príncipe in 1998. He is currently Minister Counselor for the Diplomatic Career of São Tomé and Príncipe. In 2015, he was elected by the National Parliament of São Tomé and Príncipe to the post of President of the National Electoral Commission, a position he held until 2018. Currently, he is the Coordinator of the Support Office to the National Authorizing Officer of the European Development Fund for Sao Tome and Principe (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Communities). Alberto holds a law degree from Jean Monet University in Saint Etienne, France, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Diplomacy from the Rio Branco Diplomatic Institute in Brasília, Brazil. 


Aliou Ousmane Sall

Director, Directorate of Civil Registration
Ministry of Spatial Planning

Aliou Ousmane SALL is Director at the Directorate of Civil Registration at the Ministry of Territorial Communities, Development and Regional Planning, since January 2019. The Directorate of Civil Registration is responsible for defining the guidelines and ensuring the implementation of civil registration policies. It provides technical support and accompaniment to territorial actors and populations in all areas relating to the functioning of centers and the modernization of civil registration. From 2014 to 2019, Mr. SALL was respectively Head of the Studies and Planning Division at the Local Development Agency and Responsible for Operations of the National Observatory of Decentralization and Local Development (ONDDL). At the same time, he was a Member of the Restricted Technical Committee for the preparation of the plans for National Land Use Planning. Mr. SALL holds a Master in Urban Planning and Management. He is also Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Bokidiawé, responsible for cooperation and external relations.


Sierra Leone

Jusufu Henry Swaray

Director, Voters Roll and Data Management
National Electoral Commission

Mr. Jusufu Henry Swaray, Jr is the Director of Voters Roll and Data Management of the National Electoral Commission-Sierra Leone (NEC-SL). He is responsible for the day-to-day management of data and voters roll.

Mr. Swaray has more than 14 years working experience in the field of Information Technology, Data Management, Data Analysis and Project Management and has acquired vast experience in data management, electoral processes and identity management.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Information Systems, Post Graduate Diploma in Procurement from the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM), Bachelor of Science Degree in Education (Mathematics-major and Economics-minor), University of Sierra Leone and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree in Project Management, Njala University.

South Africa

Mowayo cropped 4

Maria Christina Mowayo

Director, Application Procession
Ministry of Home Affairs

Bio not yet available.

South Sudan

Kuol Gabriel Nyok Kur

Office of the Inspector General of Police, South Sudan

Kuol Gabriel Nyok Kur is currently the Secretary of the Office of the Inspector General of Police in South Sudan. Here, he assists with compiling and analyzing security reports from the various states of South Sudan. He also facilitates the coordination of the Police Development Committee and acts as a focal point for the Inspector General when dealing with development partners.

Kuol has a Masters in Security Sector Management from Cranfield Defense Security University, UK and a Bachelors in Communication and Journalism. He is currently a Fellow with UNITAR Fellowship Program Cycle 2017.


Brenda Joshua Kileo

Ag. Head of District Coordination Unit
National Identification Authority (NIDA)

Brenda Joshua Kileo is Ag. Head of District Coordination Unit at National Identification Authority (NIDA), Tanzania. She also worked as a Senior Registration Officer where she supervised Registration, Identification, Verification and Issuance processes for over six years. Prior to this, she worked for DEMO Finland as a Project Officer, Secretary and Supervisor to ULINGO’s activities (a platform for Women Politicians from different political parties with representatives in the Parliament) to support a 50/50 percent ratio in the Parliament. Brenda holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Masters in Public Administration. She is an alumnus of the University of Dar es Salaam (UDSM), the Mozambique Tanzania Centre for Foreign Relations (CFR) and Mzumbe University, Tanzania. 


Togbe Agbagla

Technical Director
Togo Digital Agency (ATD)

Mr Togbe Agbagla is the Technical Director of the Togo Digital Agency, in charge of the digitalization of the country. Previously he was in charge of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence projects within the Ministry of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation. In particular, he contributed to the digitization of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, from enrollment to the issuance of the digitally signed health pass which is recognized by the African Union and the European Union. He is an engineer by training, specializing in the naval field and artificial intelligence. 


Grace Nanyanzi

Manager, Information Systems; National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA)
Ministry of Internal Affairs

Grace NANYANZI is Information Systems Manager at the Uganda’s National Identification and Registration Authority.  She is a multi-skilled ICT professional with wellrounded supervisory and technical expertise. She has extensive practical knowledge in building complex systems, hardware and software specifications, testing and implementation, network support, technical support and computer repairs. Grace has a wealth of experience in ICT policy development, strategic planning, infrastructure design, project evaluation, national identification and registration systems, biometrics systems, and system integration. She was part of the National ID project implementation team that achieved 14 million adults registered within 4 months. In the past, she was also a member of the system specification and testing team and was IT lead overseeing 24/7 operations for a period of one year. She is currently focusing on system integration to ensure various institutions are able to verify identities and share information online.