Contribute to the mission of empowering people to claim their legal identity by applying to be an Ambassador.



ID4Africa appoints one Ambassador per African country. Appointments are valid for one year but are subject to renewal annually (with a 4-year term limit) by mutual agreement based on an assessment of active engagement and involvement in the identity space throughout the year.

In the circumstance that a previously appointed Ambassador is being renewed for another term, no applications from the concerned country will be solicited or taken for that year. 

In order to meet the escalating demand necessary for supporting the identity development agenda across Africa,  ID4Africa will now be opening positions for Deputy Ambassadors in ALL countries as opposed to just those with the highest population numbers, or those with special considerations – as was the previous criteria.


The position of ID4Africa Ambassador and Deputy Ambassador is open to African civil servants working full time for governmental agencies that are considered identity stakeholders in their country.

All positions are voluntary and duties are to be performed during the free time of the Ambassador.

All applicants must accept ID4Africa’s Code of Ethics and any policy directives from ID4Africa.

Applicants who do not hold the post of Director General or higher will need to provide us with the name and contact details of a senior representative within the government who will support your nomination. 


ID4Africa is expanding its Ambassadors program for the Class of 2023 and currently evaluating applications submitted before November 25th, 2022 for the following:

  • The position of Ambassador for countries currently without representation, or to fill the role of outgoing Ambassadors.
  • The position of Deputy Ambassador in countries that are currently not actively represented.

Female applicants will be given priority consideration during the evaluation and appointment process.

Please note that we are no longer accepting applications for Ambassadors for 2023.
Submission deadline: November 25, 2022