ID4Africa Code of Ethics

  1. We recognize that all people are born free and equal in dignity.
  2. We respect and recognize the fundamental human rights with which each person is endowed.
  3. We respect and recognize the moral values, religions, customs, traditions and the cultures of the communities we work with, and the religious freedom of all individuals.
  4. We conduct our activities with the highest ethical standards, to ensure integrity, honesty, and moral values in all of our dealings.
  5. We recognize that all people are entitled to recognition of their identity through the protection and rule of law and through a reliable, trusted identification system that does not discriminate and that safeguards their liberty and rights, including their privacy and the protection of their personal data.
  6. We are committed to communicating accurate and pertinent information regarding identity systems.
  7. We use merit to select among competing propositions and options related to our events and actions. We will never be a willing partner to corruption, bribery or any other financial improprieties, illegalities or misconduct.
  8. We strive to act at all times in accordance with the humanitarian principle of Do-No-Harm. As a consequence, we do not support any identity system that negatively impacts the well-being of the people we are trying to help.
  9. We strive to ensure that our activities maintain our respect for and avoid a negative impact on the environment.
  10. We are not part of or controlled or influenced by any government or intergovernmental agency nor are we affiliated with any political party (Although we may agree and support policies and legislation in support of the adoption of identity systems).