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Our LiveCast EP36 which airs on December 7 comprises three solid segments featuring an impressive lineup of senior decision makers from government, development agencies and thought leaders, that will engage in insightful discussions with LiveCast host, Dr. Joseph Atick. The segments are as follows:


S1: To-The-Point with Nandan Nilekani: Identity, Payments & Data Empowerment for the Digital World  [MUST WATCH!]

This is an epic encounter of two giants in the world of digital transformation and identity – Dr Joseph Atick – one of the key founding fathers of the identity community and ID4D, and Nandan Nilekani – nicknamed India’s CTO, Tech magnate, Cofounder of India’s biggest IT giant (Infosys) and the father of India’s Digital Transformation. These two visionaries will engage in a deep conversation informed by their many years of domain expertise around strategic digital platform development and policy reforms, with the objective of recommending pathways for accelerating Africa’s social and economic development. This is going to be an insightful exchange about real ideas and developments that have proven their transformative potential.

S2: I-On-Malawi

Prior to 2017, Malawi lacked a functioning national registry or identification system. Between May and November 2017, the Government of Malawi, with the support of international partners, successfully implemented a comprehensive multipurpose national ID system and has achieved almost full adult coverage. In this segment, we look at what comes next. What is it that sustains the identity ecosystem and what strategic decisions must be made after enrollment of the entire population to ensure that the identity system delivers on its potential and becomes a key public good for accelerating the growth of Malawi and the social inclusion of its people. Dr Atick will guide the conversation with a lineup of stakeholders in Malawi that includes the Secretary to the President and Cabinet, Ms. Colleen Zamba, along with senior representatives of the National Registration Bureau, the Central Bank, the regulatory body MACRA and strategic consultants from the Tony Blair Institute as they expound on Malawi’s identity journey to present; the country’s vision and aspirations for digital transformation; its digital readiness; its policy on financial inclusion; building sustainable initiatives for digital transformation, among other topics. This is a MUST WATCH segment for anyone involved in identity.

S3:Digital Identity and Humanitarian Action

In our previous LiveCast episode (Episode 35), Dr Atick received documentary film director, Lauren Anders Brown for a gripping interview on the film “FORGED” which covers identity in war time Syria and gives one of the most powerful testimonies for why identity for all matters. [Click Here to Watch the short segment].  This segment of our LiveCast will further explore this topic of digital identity in times of crisis with first-hand field experts from the UNHCR and UNOCHA. Discussions will focus on the impact of the following two clear and present trends on the humanitarian sector: (i) The continued growth in the number of forcibly displaced people, which now stands at over 85 million people around the world–a number that has grown steadily over the last 10 years with no end in sight. (ii) The digital transformation of the world, which is rapidly impacting all aspects of society and its institutions; and the humanitarian sector is no exception. Continue reading
Several issues will be addressed including: (1) The implication of the convergence of these two powerful forces to identity management in the humanitarian sector. (2) The technology and business tools that are at the disposal of the front-line organizations. (3) The concept of digital identity in the humanitarian sector. (4) The strategies these organizations should adopt to be more responsive to current realities. (5) The role of these digital organizations and their engagement models with host country governments. (6) The challenges they face today and tomorrow. (7) The long-term impact of digital identity on displaced individuals. (8) The potential role of Digital Sociology in the digital identification world. Don’t miss this insightful segment dedicated to this important yet under explored topic in identity. 

Dr. Joseph Atick

Executive Chairman

Dr. Joseph Atick is a recognized world renowned advocate and expert on identity matters. Having been one of the founders of the identity industry nearly 30 years ago, he led several companies in that domain and developed some of the foundational algorithms underlying secure digital identity today, including the first commercially viable face recognition algorithm.

Dr. Atick retired from the industry in 2010 to focus on promoting identity for social and economic development around the world. In that mission he partnered with the World Bank and other UN agencies, and was heavily involved in the development and field testing of the methodology and analytic tools that would guide the subsequent activities in that space, and would lead to the launch of the ID4D initiative at the World Bank.

In 2014, he co-founded ID4Africa as a pan-African Movement to promote responsible digital transformations through digital identity in Africa. He is a staunch defender of privacy, data protection and human rights and continues to provide counsel to governments and international organization on the use of identity for public good. Dr. Atick holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Stanford University.
S1: To-The-Point with Nandan Nilekani

Identity, Payments & Data Empowerment for the Digital World

Nandan Nilekani

Chairman & Co-Founder

Nandan Nilekani is the Co-Founder and Chairman of Infosys Technologies Limited. He was the Founding Chairman of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) in the rank of a Cabinet Minister from 2009-2014. Most recently, Nandan has co-founded and is the Chairman of EkStep, a not-for-profit effort to create a learner centric, technology based platform to improve basic literacy and numeracy for millions of children.

Nandan is the recipient of several prestigious awards and has gained international repute for his contributions to digital transformation. Time magazine listed him as one of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2006 & 2009. Foreign Policy magazine listed him as one of the Top 100 Global thinkers in 2010. He won The Economist Social & Economic Innovation Award for his leadership of India’s Unique Identification initiative (Aadhaar). In 2017, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from E&Y. CNBC- TV 18 conferred India Business leader award for outstanding contributor to the Indian Economy-2017 and he also received the 22nd Nikkei Asia Prize for Economic & Business Innovation 2017. He has been inducted as International Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2019.

Nandan Nilekani is the author of “Imagining India”, co- authored his second book with Viral Shah, “Rebooting India: Realizing a Billion Aspirations” and co-authored his third book with Tanuj Bhojwani, “ The Art of Bitfulness: Keeping calm in the digital world” released in Jan 2022.
S2: i-On-Malawi

Colleen Zamba

Secretary to the President and Cabinet

Daud Suleman

Director General
Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA)

Mphatso Sambo

Principal Secretary
National Registration Bureau

Thelma Saiwa

Chief Examiner AML/CFT
Reserve Bank of Malawi

Pedro Pagalday

Head of Technology, Malawi
Tony Blair Institute

Daniel Ikuenobe

Malawi Country Director
Tony Blair Institute

S3: Digital Identity and Humanitarian Action

Andrew Hopkins

Chief, Identity Management and Registration Section

Andrej Verity

Program Management Officer & Digital Services Team Lead

Zoey Zhang

Former Researcher and Co-Author

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