ID4Africa Events

Throughout the year, ID4Africa hosts several events that support the Identity Movement. Chief among them are the ID4Africa LiveCasts and Augmented General Meeting (AGM), formerly Annual General Meeting.

ID4Africa LiveCasts

The ID4Africa LiveCasts are episodes of knowledge exchange and dialogue that integrate various voices from the Identity Community in an ultimate live experience. These are not simply webinars where speakers present and audiences listen, they are the next generation in conferencing.

"The ID4Africa movement is the hub for knowledge and sharing experiences on Identity issues”

– Brenda Joshua Kileo,
National Identification Authority (NIDA), Tanzania

The Annual General Meeting

The AGM is normally held towards the end of the fiscal year (typically in June) and represents the Movement’s most extensive channel of impact – physically uniting 1300-1500 key stakeholders from the entire identity ecosystem. 


ID4Africa Ambassadors Summit (IAS)

The IAS is an ID4Africa meeting held the day before the AGM. It allows the ID4Africa Ambassadors to give direct feedback to the Movement, and to influence its direction by making it aware of the latest issues of high priority in their respective countries. The IAS is presided by the ID4Africa Executive Chairman.

IIC Meetings

The ID4Africa Identity Council (IIC) holds meetings throughout the year via a virtual medium and at least one face-to-face meeting held over two days prior to the AGM. These meetings are presided by the IIC leadership and are used as working sessions to allow collaborations among the members on Pan-African identity matters in response to specific requests by national governments for interventions by the IIC. It is capable of making pronunciations regarding policy matters as the need arises.

Data Protection in Identity Systems (DPIS)

DPIS is open only to Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) and invited international agency representatives that are active in this domain.  The purpose of DPIS is to promote a Pan-African dialogue within the data protection community, to allow the authorities to network and coordinate their positions on general matters related to privacy and data protection in general, and not just as they relate to identity systems.


ID4Africa recognizes the acute need for continuing professional development in Africa around identity matters. To respond to this need, a new initiative, called CDIP (Continuing Development for Identity Professionals), is being launched in 2020, and will take the form of a one-day training and capacity-building workshop that follows the AGM. The objective is to expose African civil servants to the latest thinking and business practices, and to ensure they have the updated knowledge required to launch and sustain not only responsible foundational identity systems but all ecosystems that rely on them for service delivery.

Marathon of Innovations

ID4Africa 2020: Marathon of Innovations is an all-new virtual conference and expo experience focused on identity solutions for the new world. It brings together thousands of like-minded professionals from across the globe for 3 days of intense knowledge-sharing, networking, and explorations of innovations in response to new identity management realities.