The ID4Africa Movement functions through 3 main institutions, which are all subject to the organization’s Code of Ethics:

General Secretariat

The IGS is the powerhouse of the Movement, fuelled by a small and highly motivated team of passionate individuals based in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia. At its head is Dr. Joseph Atick, a recognized world-renowned advocate and expert on identity matters.


The Ambassadors Bureau is a major pillar supporting the ID4D agenda in Africa. The Ambassadors are senior-level government officials (appointed as 1 Ambassador and a deputy per country) who voluntarily act as liaisons between their institution, identity stakeholders in their countries, and the ID4Africa Movement.

Governance Board

The Governance Board (GB) is selected from the ranks of the Ambassadors to provide the guidance and the governance necessary as stipulated by the status of the organization as a Foundation – a milestone which was achieved in June 2022. Going forward, the GB will play a vital role in ensuring the Movement continues to be responsive to African realities.

All ID4Africa institutions are
subject to our Code of Ethics