ID4Africa 2019

Welcome to the 5th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement

The 5th Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement (ID4Africa 2019) is hosted by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), the Ministry of Home Affairs, of the Republic of South Africa on 18-20 June 2019 in Johannesburg.

The overall theme will be “Identity Ecosystems for Service Delivery”


ID4Africa 2019 builds on the achievements of the 4th Annual Meeting in 2018 by defining a context for the adoption and deployment of responsible identity systems, including legal frameworks, institutional arrangements, governance, data protection, privacy and human rights, with special attention to the use of identity in support of service delivery to enhance inclusion and access by all sectors of society. Please consult the program for details on the thematic tracks. In addition the Annual Meeting features the largest worldwide exposition of identity solutions and technologies.
Who should attend?
Depending on what stakeholder group you belong to, you may have a different motivation for attending; but one thing is clear, ID4Africa is designed to ensure that everyone derives value from attending.
Government Identity stakeholders from the following sectors:
  • National identity authorities / Commissions
  • Civil Registers / Birth Registration/Population Registers
  • Electoral Commissions
  • Banking and Finance/Development/Planning/Budget
  • Immigration/Border management
  • Health Ministry/Health Insurance Schemes
  • Law Enforcement/National Security/Defense/Intelligence/Federal Road Safety
  • Data Protection & Privacy Commissions
  • ICT/eGov
  • National Statistical Institutes
  • President/Vice President/Prime Minister’s Office
  • Legal/Justice/Regulatory/Legal & Human Rights
  • Foreign Affairs/International Relations
  • Public Administration & Decentralization
  • Intergovernmental/Inter-African Organization
  • Other Social Services
  • Others….
  • Development Banks (e.g., the World Bank, AfDB, IADB, etc.)
  • UN Agencies & International Foundations providing financing for social protection and humanitarian initiatives, national infrastructure projects, capacity building and technical advisory services to help accelerate Africa’s socio-economic development.
  • Regional & International Humanitarian Organizations
SOLUTIONS PROVIDERS & DOMAIN EXPERTS Leading providers of solutions for electronic identity management in the public and private sector, including:
  • System integrators
  • Technology and system providers and their local vendors
  • Value-added resellers
  • Suppliers of identity consumables and identity documents
  • Biometric system developers and providers
  • Registration and enrollment system developers
  • Enrollment, identification, verification and processing service providers for residents
  • ICT infrastructure resellers
  • All other providers of identity related products and services
OTHERS Representatives of the civil society and other interest groups from around the world involved in the advanced development and implementing of identity schemes and infrastructure, including:
  • Academic Researchers and Thought Leaders
  • NGOs and Not for Profit Organizations
  • Independent Consultants
  • Subject Matter Experts
… and all other groups currently engaged in matters concerning identity for socio-economic development in Africa.
Why attend?
Depending on what stakeholder group you belong to, you may have a different motivation for attending; but one thing is clear, ID4Africa is designed to ensure that everyone derives value from attending:
  • Learn from the experience of successful identity stakeholders and independent identity and biometrics experts in this rapidly growing domain
  • Identify and meet organizations that support development to explore potential funding sources to finance your project
  • Build capacity within your organization by using the forum to develop the knowledge base in your organization
  • See the latest innovations on display at the expo and discuss your requirements with world leaders in identity management solutions
  • Identify potential new engagements for your organization
  • Gain insight into trends on needs and challenges in development
  • Exchange knowledge and lessons learned with other agencies regarding ongoing identity funded projects
  • Identify the needs and understand the thinking, roadmaps and planning of decision-makers for identity business in Africa
  • Help your company and your brand gain visibility in one of the fastest and most important identity markets in the world.
  • Identify potential local partners which are critical in enabling you to know and address the pertinent needs of the country
  • Highlight the accomplishments of your organization in the domain of identity
  • Share your thought leadership and domain knowledge to key decision-makers
  • Exchange information and share experience with experts in your field
ALL ATTENDEES A seminal networking opportunity for all participants. The event is expected to bring together more than 1300 highly qualified and selected decision-makers within the above mentioned stakeholder groups.


In addition to the annual meeting, ID4Africa is involved in other projects that support the identity movement.


Online registration for ID4Africa 2019 will open in February 2019. To find out more about the event or how you can participate, please contact us at:


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