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The ID4Africa LiveCasts are expertly produced episodes of knowledge exchange you can trust and use.  presented as dialogue and debates that address immediate needs in identity development, respond to open questions, advance knowledge, build strategic capacity and leverage community expertise all in an immersive live experience. These are NOT webinars where speakers merely present and audiences passively listen. Instead, they are carefully curated and professionally produced episodes that deliver highly informed content in engaging formats.

Each episode is thoughtfully crafted by ID4Africa’s Executive Chairman, Dr. Joseph Atick, who is also the Executive Producer and host of the LiveCasts. They feature panels of frontline decision-makers in identity development drawn from government, developmental organizations, civil society and industry all from within and beyond Africa. These episodes are characterized by their interactivity, incorporating diverse voices from the identity community. They employ dynamic formats, including actionable dialogues, fireside chats, presentations, and live Q&A sessions with an engaged audience.

Launched at the onset of COVID-19 to enable our growing international community to stay connected and abreast of pertinent identity-related developments, our LiveCasts are today considered the best online source of trusted knowledge on ID4D anywhere.

EP47: Watch Replay!

Date: 28 FEB 2024 I 13:30 GMT

EP46: Watch Replay

Date: 15 NOV 2023 | 13:30 GMT

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