Abdikani Wehliye

Deputy |


Director General

Ministry of Interior

Mr Abdikani Wehliye is a career civil servant with over eight years of experience and knowledge in the legal identity sector. He joined the Ministry of Interior in 2010 as a professional IT specialist and has since transitioned to various positions, including Head of the statistics section, Head of the planning section and the Head of the civil registration unit and member of the National ID taskforce. Mr Wehliye played a lead role in reviving the Civil Registration System in Somalia, which collapsed during the civil war, and has been instrumental in preparing the national policy on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics, establishing the national coordinating committees of the Civil Registration. He was appointed as the Director of the Department in August 2021. In addition, he played a significant role in establishing the Geographic Information System (GIS) office of the Independent Boundary and Federalism Commission. His expertise and knowledge of Geographic Information Systems helped the IBFC lay the foundations of the national geospatial repository, prepare preliminary maps, and prepare medium-term strategic plans.