Ahmed Omar Djama

Ambassador |


Technical Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity

Ministry of Social Affairs and Solidarity

Mr. Ahmed Omar Djama began his professional career in the office of the Ministry of Transport where, between 2008 and 2010, he contributed to the project for the development and modernization of transport chains (corridor and urban roads). In 2010, he was appointed head of the state rolling stock, a post he held until August 2017 when he became Director General of Population and Family (DGPF) in the Republic of Djibouti. When he took office, he undertook to modernize the DGPF with the computerization of business procedures. To do this, he launched a major reform process aimed at improving the civil status and identification system. Among the first reforms he initiated was the civil status reform strategy and the development of a civil status guide and manual with the aim of implementing government policy on civil status and personal identification. As Director General, he played a key role in setting up the biometric identity management system which aims to provide the country with a reliable and secure national population register. This biometric identity management system for which he is currently responsible includes the National Identification Number and the national register of natural persons. Mr. Ahmed Omar Djama has placed identity and civil status at the heart of his reform program which he has just embarked on. He believes that all citizens of a country should have an identity. To do this, he has set up a mobile application intended to facilitate access for the rural population to make declarations of vital events over time. In addition, he also leads the work of the project to set up mobile offices intended for the enrollment of the population in the most remote areas of the country. As part of his duties, he undertook the construction project of 11 enrollment centers throughout the territory and the construction of a new building for the Directorate General for Population and Family with the establishment of a data center for hosting the biometric identity management system. He follows and supervises the digitization project of the national archive of the General Directorate of Population and Family. He initiated for the first time in the Republic of Djibouti the first edition of National Week of Identity. Mr. Djama was appointed Technical Advisor to the Minister of Social Affairs and Solidarity in June 2023.