Aissatou Jeanne Ndiaye

Deputy |


Director of Information and Communication Technologies

Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy

Aissatou Jeanne Ndiaye is an IT engineer by training and has more than 17 years’ experience in the digital transformation of the public sector. A specialist in project management and strategic planning, she has been at the heart of major computerization projects in Senegal. She is known for her pragmatism and her ability to deliver results. Mrs. Ndiaye is currently Director of Information and Communication Technologies at the Ministry in charge of Digital Technologies. In particular, she is responsible for putting in place a framework conducive to the development of digital uses and services. As such, she has led the development of the data strategy, the artificial intelligence strategy, the assessment of the maturity of Senegal’s ethical AI and the updating of the cybersecurity strategy. She also monitors the implementation of the action plan for the digitization of the Administration. She understood very early on that digital technology is a vector for innovation and empowerment, which is why since 2012 she has been committed to reducing the digital divide by inviting young girls and women to pursue STEM studies, and by helping socially disadvantaged people to take digital literacy training courses.