Ali Sougour Dicko

Deputy |


Director General of Territorial Administration

Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Good Governance

Ali Sougour Dicko, ENA graduate and lawyer by training, is Director General of Territorial Administrator at the Ministry of Territorial Administration, Decentralization and Good Governance. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in General Administration and a Research Master’s degree in Public Law, obtained from the National School of Administration (ENA) of Chad in 2018 and from the University of N’Djamena in June 2022, respectively. He also holds the Higher Military Preparation Diploma (PMS) obtained under the direction of the Group of Joint Military Schools (GEMIA). He was President of the Student Association of the 17th Promotion of ENA / Chad from June 2017 to June 2018. He began his career in 2019 at the Ministry in charge of Territorial Administration and Decentralization. From August 2020 to October 2021, he was Head of the Synthesis Service at the General Directorate of Territorial Administration (DGAT), before being appointed as Deputy Director of Political Affairs and Civil status in October 2021. He was appointed to the post of Director General in December 2023.