Alick Mvula

Ambassador |


Assistant Director

Public Service Management Division (PSMD); Office of the President

Alick Mvula serves as Assistant Director of the Public Service Management Division in the Office of the President. Prior to this, he was Deputy Registrar General in the Department of National Registration, Passports and Citizenship in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Zambia. He has over 28 years’ experience in Civil Service, 8 years of which he served in senior management as a Principal Registrar responsible for National Identity cards. Mr. Mvula has also contributed to the development of the nation’s migration from a paper based national ID card system to the modern digital system which will soon be launched. Additionally, he has pursued courses in fraud detection for eID systems and integrity programs. Mr. Mvula generally has a profound interest and dedication in ensuring a successful implementation of an eID system in Zambia. He holds a Masters in Public Administration, Degree in Public Administration and a Diploma in Management Studies.