Aura Merveilles S. Hountondji

Deputy |


Head of Data Collection

National Agency for the Identification of Persons (ANIP)

Aura Merveilles S. Hountondji is Head of the Biometric Census and Civil Status Registration Service at the National Agency for the Identification of Persons (ANIP) in Benin. The service is responsible for implementing State reforms in terms of identification of persons and civil registration, taking into account Beninese nationals and foreigners residing in the territory, Beninese nationals of the diaspora as well as registration of all vital events in the National Register of Natural Persons (RNPP). Ms. Hountondji joined ANIP in November 2020 as a Telecoms Network Engineer in the “Consolidation of the Register of Natural Persons” project. She worked at SONATEL-ORANGE (Senegal) on an interim basis as a Cellular Radio Technician from 2017 to 2019. She holds a Master’s in Networks and Telecommunications (Radio communication and Services specialization) from the Ecole Supérieure Multinationale des Télécommunications (ESMT)) in Dakar, Senegal.