Beena Damadarsing-Goorapah

Deputy |


Temp. Principal Civil Status Officer, Civil Status Division

Prime Minister’s Office

Mrs. Beena Damadarsing-Goorapah has 11 years of experience at the Civil Status Division (CSD) which she joined in October 2010 as Civil Status Officer. For the last 7 years she has been performing at Senior Management level attached to the Office of the Registrar of Civil Status. In April 2021, Mrs. Damadarsing-Goorapah was appointed Temp. Principal Civil Status Officer which makes her the First Female Officer in that post and the second in the line of hierarchy of CSD. Her responsibilities at the CSD constitute registration of all civil events and other matters related to the status/identity of a person in the Republic of Mauritius. Over the years, she has brought major changes at the CSD which include Setting up of a Marriage Hall for celebration of civil marriages, Digitalisation of civil status records, Online Application of civil status extracts and Amendment of Civil Status Act 1981. She holds a Master in Business Administration (General) and a BSc Hons. Public Administration and Management.