Dr. Abdoulaye Alkadi

Ambassador |


National Director, Civil Status

National Directorate of Civil Status

Abdoulaye ALKADI holds a doctorate in Law from the University of Paris II Assas and has served as Sub-Prefect, Prefect, and regional Governor. He served as Chargé de Mission, Technical Advisor and Chef de Cabinet for several ministerial departments, including Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Economy and Finance, Civil Service and State Reform, Culture, Crafts and Tourism, and was also Deputy Director of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet. He is currently the National Director of Civil Status. Since his appointment, Dr. Abdoulaye ALKADI has participated in all conferences of African ministers in charge of civil registration as an expert. He was appointed facilitator at the last CRVS conference (6th) and Expert at the Panel High level meeting for Mortality Surveillance Due from September 26-29, 2022 in Lusaka, Zambia. Dr. Abdoulaye ALKADI is very interested in the issues of new information and development technologies, but also in the modernization of civil registration.