Edson Guyai

Ambassador |


Director, ID Management

National Identification Authority (NIDA)

As Acting Director of ID Management at NIDA, Tanzania, Edson oversees the identification and registration process, along with the issuance of National ID cards in Tanzania — a role he has held since April 2020. Prior to this Edson served as Systems Development and Implementation Manager, where he designed and developed open standard data exchange interfaces for authorized National ID stakeholders. He and his team managed to successfully integrate more than 50 government and private institutions. Edson also served as project manager where he led a team to develop and implement national ID systems. Before Joining NIDA, Edson worked for Vodacom Tanzania as Senior Billing Analyst. He specializes in identity systems based on smart card technologies and biometric technologies, project management, business and systems analysis, business process management, software development methodologies, policies and procedures development, and business and technical documentation.