Haingotiana Rasitefanoelina

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Civil Administrator and Director of Support to the Civil Status System

Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization

Haingotiana Rasitefanoelina is currently Director of Support for the Civil Status System at the Ministry of the Interior and Decentralization. In this capacity, she ensures the proper functioning of the civil status system and coordinates reforms and related activities. She is responsible for implementing the Ministry’s civil registration guidelines and works closely with stakeholders in the civil registration system. She is also Permanent Secretary of the National Coordination Committee responsible for improving civil status registration systems and civil status statistics – CNC-CRVS. Chaired by the Minister of the Interior and Decentralization, the committee was created as part of the county’s implementation of the APAI-CRVS program. In her role, she oversees the operations of this committee whose main activities consist in implementing Government strategies and directives in the field of civil status. As the CRVS Senior Coordinator in Madagascar, she is the interlocutor between the different sectors of the Administration concerned with civil status, but also between the Committee and the Development Partners who support the reforms of the civil registration system. Recently, in collaboration with a team of consultants, she led the national assessment of CRVS systems and the development of the ten-year strategic plan for the improvement of these systems, whose vision is to have a system of civil status modern development guaranteeing the rights and obligations of the individual, in the service of the community. A system to identify each individual from birth, secure the management of identity and establish the basis of e-governance in Madagascar. Haingotiana is a Civil Administrator with a Degree in Public Administration, a Master’s Degree in Management and a Master’s Degree in Business Law. She has followed several trainings in various countries to enhance performance procedures in public administration, the effectiveness of public policies and the improvement of governance in the public sector and local development.