Hon. Manuel Malunga

Ambassador |


Senior Registrar and Notary

Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs

Hon. Manuel MALUNGA is Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, Constitutional and Religious Affairs in Mozambique. He joined the public service in 1996, serving in various positions such as National Director of Registries and Notary and Inspector General of the Ministry of Justice. He has chaired subcommittees for reviewing the civil register and notarial codes, coordinated the subcommittees responsible for revising the Code of Commercial Register, and has coordinated the Commission for drafting the law on agriculture-livestock associations. Aside from his role in public service, Mr. MALUNGA has been a professor at the Faculty of Law of Eduardo Mondlane University Maputo in Mozambique since 2002, and at the Catholic University of Mozambique (Faculty of Law – Law of minors), since 2016. He has spoken at several conferences and has both authored and co-othered several publications including policies and legal texts.