Lt. Col. David O. JOBOJOBO

Ambassador |

South Sudan

Deputy Director, ICT

Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passports And Immigration (DCRNPI); Ministry of Interior

Lt. Col. David O. JOBOJOBO is the Deputy Director for Information & Communications Technology at the Directorate of Nationality, Passports & Immigration of the Ministry of Interior in South Sudan. He is the lead Productions Manager at the e-Identity (eNationality certificate and ePassports) projects in the country. He is the Lead eGov Consultant and systems Analyst on the State’s Major ICT Projects that integrates with the National Databases. Since then he has led the investigation and the implementation of several structural projects in the Country (SMART-JUBEK Projects and the ICT Ecosystem), and has worked on various projects implementing ICT development through various platforms leading to eCommerce and eGovernment. He started several initiatives (studies and investment projects) on the modernization of the value chain within the civil state using underlying data facts (deaths, births, marriages, and divorces) to establish a national systems of electronic identification management for which the applications will be limitless.