Luke Mate 

Deputy |


Director, Systems Development and Support

Smart Zambia Institute

With over 19 years of dedicated expertise in digital transformation, Luke Mate is a seasoned professional adept at spearheading diverse ICT projects. With proficiency spanning a wide spectrum of technologies, encompassing areas such as business automation, system integration, database administration, software development, business process re-engineering, cybersecurity, ICT governance, and project management. He extends his skills to provide consultancy and advisory services, catering to corporates, multinational agencies, and governments seeking strategic guidance in their digitalization endeavors. Currently serving as the Director of Systems Development at the Electronic Government Division, his role involves crafting visionary strategies and designs to digitize government services including the digital ID project (INRIS). In this pivotal position, he is committed to enhancing service delivery to citizens by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. With a Master’s degree in Information systems Management and other professional certifications, his career reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence in the dynamic field of digital innovation, with a passion for optimizing organizational efficiency and driving impactful change.