Moustapha Mohamed Ismail

Deputy |


Director General

National Agency of State Information Systems (ANSIE); Office of the President

Mr. Moustapha Mohamed ISMAIL is Director General of the National Agency of Information Systems (SI) of the State at the Presidency of the Republic of Djibouti. He has worked on the development and implementation of the Djiboutian Government Datacenter which not only contributes significantly to pooling in the state’s IT resources, but also offers the State a common multi-service platform for hosting administrative computer applications. He currently pilots the project for the design and implementation of a national system of identification and biometric authentication which aims to provide the country with a reliable and secure National Population Register. In addition, he created a blueprint for the development of electronic services for citizens across the State. He also contributed to the development and implementation of the Social Register project, particularly the technical specifications phase for defining requirements, and overseeing the deliverables and deployment of the solutions that are currently in progress.