Nathalie Kienga

Ambassador |


Deputy Chief

National Cyberdefense Council

Nathalie Kienga is the founder of the African Institute of Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security which she created in April 2021 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. She holds an MBA in Cybersecurity, International Security and Risk from the School of Economic Warfare. A cybersecurity professional for over 10 years, she has held various positions in multiple sectors (banking, industry, cosmetics) in France and Switzerland. As a leader and contributor to the training and awareness of cybersecurity in Africa, hers is an important voice in the African technology ecosystem. Her strategy is to put education at the heart of technological transformations. In 2019, she created Africa Security Partners, an association whose mission is to promote cybersecurity on the African continent. In 2021, she became Vice-President of Ciberobs, the first cybersecurity observatory in Africa based in Côte d’Ivoire and organizer of the Cyber Africa Forum. Nathalie also sits on the Scientific Committee of the Swiss foundation AFRIA (Agence Francophone pour l’Intelligence Artificielle) and on the Advisory Board of the Ivorian foundation Génération Numérique. A specialist in her field, she advises African companies and institutions on their digital and cybersecurity strategies. In February 2022, she was appointed Advisor in charge of Cybersecurity and New Technologies to the Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She currently serves as Deputy Chief of the National Cyberdefense Council.