Olga Kavira Kinyamusitu

Deputy |


Director - Head of Department

General Secretariat for Digital Affairs; Ministry of Digital Affairs

Olga is Director-Head of Department of the Applications and Digital Content Department within the General Secretariat for the Digital Economy (Ministry of the Digital Economy). She holds a Master’s degree in Design and Programming and specializes in the digital transformation and development of organizations. She has over ten years’ experience in the digital and public administration sectors. Over the course of her career, she has managed the digitisation process for a number of public and private administrations and structures. In particular, she has provided these organizations with digital governance and integrated data management tools. As co-drafter of the Digital Code, the legal framework for regulating the digital sector in DR Congo, she helped to define a solid legal framework for the development of the digital sector in the country. She currently coordinates and oversees all public policies relating to State applications, public data, digital platforms, digital services for citizens and the emergence of Congolese start-ups. Her commitment to digital technology is both scientific and practical, and she has published numerous scientific articles on digital technology and is regularly invited to speak at conferences and training courses on the subject. Vice-Chair of the Réseau des Acteurs du Numérique and initiator of the TechCd Forum, she is a fervent advocate of inclusive and responsible digital technology, convinced that it can be a powerful tool for the economic and social development of the DRC, but that it is important to use it responsibly.