ID4Africa Call For Proposals

Terms of Reference for Technical Expert to assist with ID4Africa 2022 Government Identity Survey

This project has been postponed till 2023.


  1. Since inception, ID4Africa has conducted Needs and Capacity Assessment surveys of the identity stakeholders in Africa. The purpose of these surveys has been to provide an accurate data-driven situation analysis of the current state of development of identity ecosystems in Africa and identify gaps that needed to be filled in order to assist African authorities meet the objective of UN SDG 16.9 –Identity for All by 2030.
  2. The results of these surveys have been used to advise government leadership as well as development agencies and donors about priorities and requirements. They have also been used to issue calls for action to mobilize innovation. They have been judged influential and essential planning tools by all stakeholders.
  3. One of the most prominent calls for action resulting from an ID4Africa survey (the 2018 survey) was the call to solve the vendor and technology lock-in problem. This has since led to the emergence of open source and open standard initiatives as viable approaches for identity systems development, capable of delivering interoperability and sovereignty.
  4. The COVID pandemic has interrupted the Annual Survey and has created significant demand for accurate data to inform investments and priorities. ID4Africa intends to launch a major survey in 2022 to meet this demand. The survey is expected to be launched in early 2022 with the objective of collecting data in time to present the findings at the Augmented Annual General Meeting in June 2022.

Duties and Responsibilities of Consultant

ID4Africa is seeking an expert short-term consultant to join the development of the project. Under the supervision of ID4Africa Executive Chairman, Dr. Joseph J. Atick, and in close collaboration with ID4Africa staff, the consultant will undertake the following responsibilities:

  1. Conduct interviews with ID4Africa development partners and stakeholders who have needs for data to help inform the questionnaire of the survey.
  2. Assist the Executive Chairman in crafting the survey questions and conducting pilot testing.
  3. Work with ID4Africa staff to develop the survey using ID4Africa’s chosen platform for online surveys.
  4. Assist with data analysis, visualization and report preparation as needed.


  • Expert knowledge of identity management and identity systems development with a minimum of 10 years in field experience.
  • International experience advising governments on digital identification systems including biometrics, cybersecurity etc.
  • Strong knowledge of the African context.
  • Knowledge of ID4Africa, including evidence of attendance of prior events or LiveCasts and active participation in the Movement’s activities.
  • Has demonstrated thought leadership in the identity domain.
  • Strong writing and communication skills with fluency in English and added preference to those fluent in French as well.
  • Experience with African government as well as development agencies.

Timeframe & Compensation

Consultant should be available to work starting 15 November 2021 and produce the deliverable (the questionnaire) prior to 30 January 2022.

Consultant should subsequently be available on as needed basis up to May 30, 2022.

Consultant will be an independent contractor compensated on a daily rate basis.

Submit expression of interest

Qualified applicants should submit expressions of interest including:

1. Proposed daily rate in USD
2. Current CV
3. Letter of motivation highlighting key relevant experience.


Please email your application to

Application Deadline: Nov 12, 2021