ID4Africa LiveCast Community Policy


ID4Africa LiveCasts provide an interactive platform for knowledge-exchange and dialogue that integrate various voices from the identity community in an ultimate live, online experience. In order to support safe, open and respectful discussions which has always been synonymous with our community culture, each participant is required to acknowledge and accept the following community guidelines as our official policy established for all interactions taking place during our live sessions.

The objective of these guidelines is to ensure we maintain a protected and welcoming environment where the community can unite based on shared interests to learn and contribute to the discussions in an environment that remains respectful of the views and dignity of others. As such, we request that you read and adhere to the guidelines that follow.


The goals of this community are to:

  • Provide a platform for knowledge-sharing on all matters pertaining to identity development and management, particularly as it relates to socio-economic development in Africa.
  • Ensure that information shared is of the highest quality that can be used to inform policy and decision-making for identity authorities and their stakeholders.
  • Create and maintain a vibrant network of like-minded professionals interested in keeping abreast of the latest thinking and practices on identity matters.
  • Produce through each episode, an ongoing archive of episodes that can be accessed freely and easily as digital public goods.
  • Stimulate interest in all aspects of identity related subjects and enhance involvement with the ID4Africa Movement through increased opportunities for engagement.

Our Community

The ID4Africa LiveCast Community consists of, and is open to representatives from African and International governments, development agencies, technology & solutions providers, NGOs, think tanks, members of civil society such as academics, journalists, regulatory groups and others who bear a passion or general interest in identity related matters.

Engagement Methods

LiveCast attendees can enjoy multiple channels of engagement including networking and participating in subject matter discussions in the chat, asking questions through the Q&A and joining the panel floor to share on-topic perspectives live, on camera, with our LiveCast host and panelists.

General Participation Guidelines:

All participants of ID4Africa LiveCasts are encouraged to:

  • Freely introduce yourself stating your name, location, title/affiliation, organization, area of expertise/interest etc., without making sales or marking pitches. (i.e.. no links to personal or business websites, product information etc).
  • Communicate with courtesy and respect with other participants in any language that can be understood by majority members of the community, namely English, French, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • Share information that is fact-based and/or can be supported by a credible source of reference.
  • Treat the viewpoints of others in a manner that is respectful and considerate.
  • Freely engage with other attendees on insights or remarks they may have shared.
  • Provide information or resources verified to be credible and factual – not based on fake news or fake publications that could be potentially disruptive to the cause for identity development or misleading to participating community members.
  • Contact an ID4Africa Team member directly to request permission and approval to share non-commercial material that may be of key benefit to other participants in the true spirit of knowledge-sharing.

Please Do Not:

  • Use the LiveCast engagement channels for advertising, marketing or sales pitches. Violators will be removed if repeated after one (1) warning.
  • Use the engagement channels to carry out any form of solicitation such as inviting member to join other events, gathering contact information, offering personal or business services etc. Violators will be removed after one (1) warning.
  • Show hostility towards or make personal attacks on other community members. Violators will be removed without warning.
  • Make personal attacks on organizations or institutions whether represented or not represented by community members attending the session. Offenders will be removed after one (1) warning.
  • Use inflammatory or defamatory remarks, or make false statements about other participants, organizations or institutions.
  • Post prejudiced comments, demeaning remarks or profanity. This will result in your immediate removal from the group without warning.
  • Make hate comments. Individuals promoting violence or hatred against individuals, groups or institutions of any kind, will be removed without warning.

Participation Guidelines for Panelists

Your participation as a panelist is merit-based earned through ID4Africa’s vetting and selection process and acceptance of your expert capacity to address the topic in focus, and not through any form of financial preferencing. As such, in addition to the above mentioned guidelines that apply to all LiveCast attendees, panelists are asked to acknowledge and adhere to the following expectations:

  • Your placement should not be treated as a license to advertise your company or business. Please therefore avoid making marketing or sales pitches whether during discussions, presentations, in the chat channels or when responding directly to questions in the Q&A section.
  • Avoid disparaging other members of the panel or those representing competing organizations.
  • Share information that is credible, fact-based, and scientifically verifiable.
  • Please respect the editorial process and guidelines provided by your host/moderator, and members of the LiveCast committee.
  • Be open to the legitimate critique during assessment of presentation drafts or talking points for discussion prior to the session
  • Acknowledge that the host/moderator of the LiveCast reserves the right to constructively criticize or challenge your work during a LiveCast session, to ensure there is transparency in the dialogue. 


Persons considered to be in breach of our above mentioned policy guidelines during any of our LiveCast sessions will be subject to one or more of the following consequences:

  • Your attendance may be terminated in any given event. This may be either after one (1) warning or without warning depending on the severity of the violation as specified above.
  • You may be permanently blacklisted from future attendance upon repeated violation of our guidelines particularly if such violations threaten to disrupt or damage ID4Africa’s credibility and/or our efforts to maintain a safe and healthy platform for community exchange.


By joining an ID4Africa Zoom session,  you are considered to be in agreement with the policy guidelines listed above.