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UNDP & NIST Guidelines for Digital Identity & Its Governance

Our LiveCasts are back by popular demand to present one of the most impressive themes and line-ups in episode history! Join us on October 18 for the launch of another MUST-SEE series which promises profound insights, invaluable guidelines, and expert recommendations from 2 eminent authorities working at the forefront of digital identity development – NIST and UNDP.

Secure your seats for this opportunity to hear directly from frontline experts as they delve into two key topics that constitute the very guidance which all identity stakeholders should take into account.

This LiveCast is organized into two equal segments.

Segment 1: UNDP Digital Identity Governance Framework
The first segment focuses on the recently published UNDP Model Governance Framework for Digital Legal Identity Systems which provides government policymakers, development practitioners, CSOs and other relevant stakeholders with a practical guide on how to comprehensively address governance concerns when designing, implementing and monitoring their digital legal ID schemes.

This 4-Part segment will cover the following topics: 

Part 1: Why Governance?
A look at governance and its importance, the difference between governance framework and legal framework, why we need a governance framework and what happens when a governance framework is lacking.

Part 2: UNDP Digital Identity Governance Framework
A presentation and discussion on the recently published UNDP model governance framework. It examines how governments can use such frameworks to improve the legal identity system (the whole-of-society approach), as well as how it is being piloted and used.

Part 3: CSO Perspective
Civil Society Organization representatives share their perspective and expectations on the fitness of governance frameworks to address the risks that may be inherent in the data rich digital systems.

Part 4: Government Perspective
Representatives from identity authorities in Africa share their perspective on the biggest governance challenges they face, as well as how a governance framework could help them identify the gaps and guide their plans for closing these gaps. 



Segment 2: NIST Digital Identity Guidelines
Here we examine in-depth one of the most important bodies of work on digital identity, the acclaimed NIST Special Publication 800-63, widely recognized as the definitive guide on digital identity. Originating from years of research and development by NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology), and from community feedback, these guidelines present the process and technical requirements for meeting digital identity management assurance levels for identity proofing, authentication and federation, including requirements for security and privacy as well as considerations for fostering equity and usability of digital identity solutions and technology. This practical guide represents the gold standard for building end-to-end digital identity solutions that align with international best practices.

This feature segment will cover the following areas:
1. NIST Identity Projects, Research, and Initiatives
2. Overview of NIST Special Publication 800-63 Digital identity Guidelines
3. Digital Identity Risk Management and Assurance Level Selection
4. SP 800-63A Identity Proofing and Enrollment
5. SP 800-63B Digital Identity Authentication
6. SP 800-63B Digital Identity Federation



Come join us for a unique opportunity to engage with each of our panelists on matters that sit at the heart of today’s ID4D agenda! Don’t miss it!


Dr. Joseph Atick

Executive Chairman

Dr. Joseph Atick is a recognized world renowned advocate and expert on identity matters. Having been one of the founders of the identity industry nearly 30 years ago, he led several companies in that domain and developed some of the foundational algorithms underlying secure digital identity today, including the first commercially viable face recognition algorithm.

Dr. Atick retired from the industry in 2010 to focus on promoting identity for social and economic development around the world. In that mission he partnered with the World Bank and other UN agencies, and was heavily involved in the development and field testing of the methodology and analytic tools that would guide the subsequent activities in that space, and would lead to the launch of the ID4D initiative at the World Bank.

In 2014, he co-founded ID4Africa as a pan-African Movement to promote responsible digital transformations through digital identity in Africa. He is a staunch defender of privacy, data protection and human rights and continues to provide counsel to governments and international organization on the use of identity for public good. Dr. Atick holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Stanford University.

S1: UNDP Digital Identity Governance Framework

Part 1: Why Governance?

Dr. Sarah Lister

Head of Governance, Bureau for Policy and Programme Support

Nanjira Sambuli

Researcher Fellow
The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Barbara Ubaldi

Head, Digital Government and Data Unit

Part 2: UNDP Digital Identity Governance Framework

Risa Arai

Programme Specialist
(Legal Identity)

Dr. Emrys Schoemaker


Part 3: CSO Perspective

Marianne Diaz Hernandez

#WhyID Campaigner
Access Now

Adeboye Adegoke

Paradigm Initiative

Part 4: Government Perspective

Amb. Prof. Julius Bitok

Principal Secretary
State Department for Citizen Services, Ministry of Interior and Administration of National Government, Kenya

Mphatso Sambo

Principal Secretary
National Registration Bureau, MALAWI

S2: NIST Digital Identity Guidelines

Ryan Galluzzo 

Digital Identity Program Lead, Applied Cybersecurity Division

Connie LaSalle 

Senior Technology Policy Advisor

David Temoshok

Senior Policy Advisor, Trusted Identities Group


EP44: ID4Africa 2023 Workshop Reports on Building DPIs & Developing the African eCRVS Shared Asset

The ID4Africa 2023 AGM closes on a high note with this exciting Livecast that features reports and recommendations from Workshops 1 (Building DPIs) and 3 (ACSA) chaired by the World Bank and UNICEF & OpenCRVS, respectively. On the agenda:  

EP43: ID4Africa 2023 Plenary Impressions & Reports on Policy, Legal frameworks & Data Protection

This LiveCast episode opens with an exciting segment where select ID4Africa 2023 AGM attendees engage with Host, Dr. Joseph Atick, to share impressions of the Days 1 & 2 Plenaries. Experts who participated in 2 of the Day 3 workshops (W) share their insights into the discussions that took place around the topics of Policy and regulatory challenges (W2) and Privacy and Data Protection (W4), respectively.


This session explores developments that impact the future of identity and digital transformation. It starts with innovations for improving inclusion and the user experience. It then explores the platforms underlying identity-enabled service delivery as DPIs. It examines two leading DPI initiatives, India Stack and GovStack, to understand how they are built, how they can future-proof government investments, and what impact they have on the ID4D agenda. The session concludes with a major panel exploring interoperability, open source and open standards as approaches to solving vendor lock-in, development and collaboration. It will attempt to answer the question of when it is better to build your own DPIs versus buying off the shelf components.

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