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The COVID pandemic has triggered an avalanche of changes in our world, not least of which is the likely entrance of a new global credential that is securely tied to a verifiable identity.  As more of the world’s population gets vaccinated it is reasonable to expect that proof of that vaccination and its recency will become a requirement for entry into countries and hence part of the travel credentials like passports and travel documents. It may also become a requirement for a broader range of daily activities, including attending schools or working in an office in certain countries, etc. 

This public health credential raises a myriad of issues, concerns and opportunities–not least of which is the privacy and data protection challenge, and the identity management process to ensure that it is done subject to an international standard that can allow for interoperability and integration with diverse work flows. 

This is a massive undertaking, which could be on the scale of the ePassport campaign.

It is made even more complicated by the fact that there may be a requirement for ongoing vaccination in the future, which means that the credential needs to be dynamic and capable of being updated by public health officials. The topic is receiving lots of interest and attention but remains incoherent, this new credential does not even have a consistent name.

-- it is referred to by many different names including Green Pass, Immunity Passport, Vaccination Certificate, Global Health Card, etc

In view of the critical and global importance of this emerging topic and its intimate connection with identity management, ID4Africa is dedicating a 3-Part series of LiveCasts to delve into the surrounding issues. 

Part 1: Policy Roundtable: April 8th
Part 2: Survey of Innovations for the new norm: April 29th
Part 3: Survey of Innovations for the new norm (cont’d): May 6th

In this Part 1 episode we feature renowned decision-makers of international organizations and think tanks that are in the midst of deliberations to arrive at an interoperable credential for attesting to the immunity of the traveling public. The lineup for Parts 2 & 3 will be announced April 8th.



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The Moderator

Joseph Atick

Executive Chairman

Dr. Joseph J. Atick is a recognized world renowned advocate and expert on identity matters. Having been one of the founders of the identity industry nearly 30 years ago, he led several companies in that domain and developed some of the foundational algorithms underlying secure digital identity today, including the first commercially viable face recognition algorithm

Dr. Atick retired from the industry in 2010 to focus on promoting identity for social and economic development around the world. In that mission he partnered with the World Bank and other UN agencies, and was heavily involved in the development and field testing of the methodology and analytic tools that would guide the subsequent activities in that space, and would lead to the launch of the ID4D initiative at the World Bank.

In 2014, he co-founded ID4Africa as a pan-African Movement to promote responsible digital transformations through digital identity in Africa. He is a staunch defender of privacy, data protection and human rights and continues to provide counsel to governments and international organization on the use of identity for public good. Dr. Atick holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Stanford University.


Dr. Ciarán Carolan

Programme Officer (PKD),
Aviation Security and Facilitation, Air Transport Bureau, ICAO

Derrick Muneene

Unit Head, Capacity Building and Collaboration, Digital Health and Innovation Department,WHO

Natschja Ratanaprayul

Natschja Ratanaprayul

Technical Officer, Public Digital Health Technology, Department of Digital Health and Innovations,WHO

ID4Africa Livecast 15 Florian Forster

Florian Forster

Head of Division, Immigration and Border Management, IOM

R. Rajeshkumar

Chair, ISO SC17/WG3-Task Force 5

Jeremy Springall

Global Vice President, SITA at Borders, SITA

ID4Africa Livecast 15 Louise Cole

Louise Cole

Travel Pass Implementation Manager, IATA

Alan Gelb

Alan Gelb

Senior Fellow, Centre for Global Development

Dr. Edgar Whitley

Associate Professor (Reader), London School of Economics

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