First 10 Initiatives to be unveiled April 29th

Part 1 of our trilogy on Vaccination Certificates & Identity Management, held April 8th, was a phenomenal event! Packed with relevant, factual and insightful information, it was praised for being our best episode yet!

In continuation, we are dedicating Parts 2 & 3 in this series to explore 20 national and private sector initiatives that were selected through a competitive merit-based process from over 75 submissions received during our Call for Participation. Such initiatives are among several others that could help implement the policies that sovereign governments adopt within the interoperable frameworks that were discussed in Part 1.

We are pleased to unveil the following 10 initiatives on April 29th

Disclaimer: All initiatives were selected through a merit-based review of proposals in response to a global Call for Participation. No financial or other consideration was received from any of the chosen participants. Furthermore, selection to participate should not be interpreted as an endorsement by ID4Africa. ID4Africa remains vendor, and technology-neutral, endorsing only equal opportunity for all. 


The subject of vaccine certificates is one that is currently occupying significant attention of governments worldwide and it requires deep deliberations before adopting measures capable of responding to the challenge COVID is presenting for reopening economies and borders worldwide.

This controversial credential is likely to occupy a great deal of public mindshare. It may also become a requirement for a broad range of educational, occupational and travel purposes.

With governments under pressure to launch such schemes, even in the absence of the full scientific evidence needed to inform their policies, ID4Africa will examine the pros and cons, assumptions, the range of applications, and the corresponding policy options that governments could choose from as they explore the feasibility of such public health credentials.


If you missed joining Part 1, you can catch up with the replay on YouTube. Here we featured renowned decision-makers of international organizations and think tanks from WHO, ICAO, IATA, ISO, IOM, SITA, London School of Economics (LSE) and Center for Global Development (CGD). Tune in to hear their insights regarding deliberations currently underway to arrive at an interoperable credential for attesting to the vaccination and/or the immunity of the public. 



In addition to our vibrant chat and Q&A channels, come seize the opportunity to participate in our live polls where you can communicate your stance on related issues before an audience of decision-makers and stakeholders from over 140 countries worldwide!

The Moderator

Joseph Atick

Executive Chairman

Dr. Joseph J. Atick is a recognized world renowned advocate and expert on identity matters. Having been one of the founders of the identity industry nearly 30 years ago, he led several companies in that domain and developed some of the foundational algorithms underlying secure digital identity today, including the first commercially viable face recognition algorithm

Dr. Atick retired from the industry in 2010 to focus on promoting identity for social and economic development around the world. In that mission he partnered with the World Bank and other UN agencies, and was heavily involved in the development and field testing of the methodology and analytic tools that would guide the subsequent activities in that space, and would lead to the launch of the ID4D initiative at the World Bank.

In 2014, he co-founded ID4Africa as a pan-African Movement to promote responsible digital transformations through digital identity in Africa. He is a staunch defender of privacy, data protection and human rights and continues to provide counsel to governments and international organization on the use of identity for public good. Dr. Atick holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Stanford University.


Pramod Varma

Chief Architect (DIVOC), Chief Architect (Aadhaar & India Stack), CTO (EkStep)

Charles Walton

Senior Vice President

Tony Rose

Founder & CEO
Proof Market Inc.

Jim St.Clair

Chief Trust Officer

Dele Atanda

Chief Executive Officer

Tamer Shafeek

Senior Regional Sales Manager – Africa,
GET Group

Franziska Muschik

Project Coordinator, International Innovation Projects, Veridos

Steven Koh

Government Digital Services
GovTech Singapore

Prof. David Chadwick

CEO/Managing Director, Verifiable Credentials Ltd (VCL)

Gilles Barré

Chairman, VDSIC (Visible Digital Seal International Council) / AIGCEV (Association Internationale de Gouvernance du Cachet Electronique Visible)/ OTENTIK

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