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In part 3 of our webinar series around COVID-19 and Identity management, we will look at how the identity industry is responding to emerging challenges to their customer practices posed by COVID-19. The objective is to identify technological innovations and new business processes that enable identity management to be performed in a world where pandemics represent a major risk factor.

Join us for Two Exciting Back to Back Sessions

Session I:  14:30-15:45> Restarting Economies & Reopening the Skies-Identity Post-COVID19

A highly interactive panel of 7 thought leaders led into animated discussions by ID4Africa Executive Chairman, Dr. Joseph Atick, to explore the opportunities for digital identity innovations and so called smart solutions to help countries safely restart their economies including reopening their borders, in particular their airspace for travel.


Session II: 15:45-16:30> Spotlight on Contactless Innovations

Featuring a lineup of 5 Rapid Fire presentations followed by dedicated Q&As related to each presentation. This session will present innovations and smart point solutions that address certain aspects of the challenge posed by identity management in the era of pandemics, and especially contactless biometrics and mobile, and even an exploration of self disinfecting sensors.

Hear how Smart Technologies and Solutions are playing a role in

moving the world past this economic crisis

The Moderator

Joseph Atick

Joseph Atick

Executive Chairman 

Dr. Joseph Atick is a recognized world renowned advocate and expert on identity matters. Having been one of the founders of the identity industry nearly 30 years ago, he led several companies in that domain and developed some of the foundational algorithms underlying secure digital identity today, including the first commercially viable face recognition algorithm. He retired from the industry in 2010 to focus on promoting identity for social and economic development around the world. In that mission he partnered with the World Bank and other UN agencies, and was heavily involved in the development and field testing of the methodology and analytic tools that would guide the subsequent activities in that space, and would lead to the launch of the ID4D initiative at the World Bank. In 2014, he co-founded ID4Africa as a pan-African Movement to promote responsible digital transformations through digital identity in Africa. He is a staunch defender of privacy, data protection and human rights and continues to provide counsel to governments and international organization on the use of identity for public good. Dr. Atick holds a Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics from Stanford University.

Session 1 Panelists

Restarting Economies & Reopening the Skies

[14:30-15:45 (CET)]


Shashi Raghunandan

Senior VP, Humanitarian & Development

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Shashi Raghunandan is SVP for the Humanitarian & Development sector at Mastercard and is responsible for the team’s solution strategy, development and deployment of solutions for the most vulnerable communities.  His team collaborates closely with governments, NGOs and last mile partners to ensure solutions are commercially sustainable, scalable ecosystems that streamline access to education, health, commerce, and other vital services in these communities.  Prior to Mastercard, Shashi worked at JP Morgan.

Jaume Dubois

Jaume Dubois

Identity Systems Specialist

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Jaume Dubois is an identity solutions specialist, in charge of definition of Unique Identity and Identity Management solutions at Thales, a leader notably in Identity, Biometrics and Security. He has strong field experience in directing large identity system programs for government such as ID cards, Health cards, electronic Passports, or Border Control systems in Latin American and African countries, which has made him a specialist of complex solutions in the Biometrics and Identity field.
Graduated in Software Engineering and certified PRINCE 2, from his past experience as R&D Manager in China and Area manager for Projects and Support in Latin America, he has acquired large multicultural management skills and has built local organizations to support systems operations.
Jaume is now contributing to definition of the new generation of identity systems with objective to succeed in the challenge of “identification for all” having in mind sustainability, accessibility and security aspects.

As member of Secure Identity Alliance ID4All, Biometrics and OSIA Workgroups, he is actively contributing to the development of interoperability in Identity ecosystems and the democratization of Biometrics for Civil usage.

Lesley Ann Vaughan

Lesley-Ann Vaughan

Solutions Director

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Lesley-Ann Vaughan has been working in African digital financial services since 2005.  She recently joined (Ai in ID) as solutions director, delivering last mile privacy protecting identity solutions via touchless biometrics, for anyone, anywhere, online and offline, supporting partners and customers on their journey to impact and outcomes.   She was part of the founding team behind M-PESA, and was involved in design of solutions such as M-Shwari (digital credit) and Lipa Na M-PESA (MSME solutions).  She has consulted to telcos & banks, IFC, Microsoft, Mastercard Humanitarian Team, UNCDF, CGAP and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Lesley-Ann is a firm believer in the need for customer-centricity, inclusive and holistic service design when creating new services, and the need for collaboration and well executed partnership to serve customers well.

Lionel Baraban

Lionel Baraban


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Lionel Baraban is a serial entrepreneur. He started the adventure in France in 1992 where he launched several successful startups. He then went on to manage a technology incubator in Israel from 1995 to 1998. In 1998, Lionel founded Entopia, a company specialized in semantic analysis. The company became a leader in the segment, with Lionel raising $40 Million. He headed the company in Silicon Valley until 2006.  Later, Lionel moved to China where he, together with Nicolas Berbigier, developed Xanadu, a key player in online travel services.  In 2010 they co-founded FAMOCO where he is now CEO. Famoco is one of the “gold nuggets” of the French Tech and was part of the French Tech Pass for 3 years in a row. To date, Famoco has raised €16 Million and has deployed 250 000 devices in 35 countries. Orange, Alipay and United Nations are among their list of customers.

Harm Jan Arendshorst

Harm Arendshorst

CEO and Founder
iLabs Technologies

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Harm Jan Arendshorst is the CEO and Founder of iLabs Technologies and Chief Strategy Officer of uqudo.  His mission in life is to build a trustworthy Internet of Everything (IoE) for the well-being of all people and our planet.

He is a member of the new ETSI group to develop standardization framework for secure smartphone-based proximity tracing systems, helping to break COVID-19 transmission chains. He is top 30 winner of the world’s largest hackathons EUvsVirus with the OpenGate project to reopen the skies and save lives with touchless biometric travelling and biometric proof of quarantine while protecting the privacy when sharing contact tracing, health status & future vaccine certificates across borders.


He has successfully contributed to the standardization work in the field of A coordinated approach for Security/ Privacy and (Semantic) interoperability of standardized IoT Platforms as expert in Specialist Task Force 547 from March 2018 to 28th of February 2020 at ETSI. 

Harm Jan is one of the co-editors of the latest Financial Inclusion Global Initiative (FIGI) Report on Implementation of Secure Authentication Technologies for digital financial services together with the ITU and World Bank Group as a member of the Security, Infrastructure and Trust Working Group supporting the ID4D initiative.

He is also one of the co-authors of the Smart Cities Roadmap of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is the co-chair of the IoT security task force in the Alliance of Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI).  He has worked with the European Commission and the private sector on IoT security standardisation, certification schemes and IoT trust label definition. 


For the last 25 years he has been working on digital identity, IoT security & data privacy and trustworthy artificial intelligence (AI). He has worked for more than 9 years at Verizon in leadership roles before founding iLabs Technologies and was on the board of directors at the Trust in Digital Life. He then joined as Strategy Council at the Institute for Future of Living to create high-impact programs and public private partnerships to help realise the Sustainable Development Goals, with a focus on digital identity, IoT security and digital transformation. 

Harm Jan holds an MSc. in Cooperative Computing from Middlesex University of London, UK.

Emad Muhanna

Emad Muhanna

VP, Government Sector

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Emad Muhanna is General Manager for SITA’s Government & Security Business in the Middle East, India and Africa. He is responsible for the P&L for the Government business in the region and for managing an extended team responsible for business development, bid management, commercials and project delivery. He also influences the overall solution strategy in accordance with the region’s needs.  Prior to this role, Emad was the Vice President responsible for global business development for the Government and Security business in SITA. He also held roles as Project Portfolio Director of the Government projects in the Middle East, and Director of Baggage solutions Software development. Before joining SITA, Emad held a number of key roles with IBM Canada including Senior Project Manager for the flagship WebSphere Commerce suite of applications.

Thampy Koshy

Thampy Koshy

Senior Partner
Ernst & Young

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Thampy Koshy has over 30 years of experience in conceptualization, drafting enabling policies, design, development and implementation of various large-scale IT transformation projects. At present, he is a Senior Partner with EY India focusing on advisory services to Government and Public Sector. He leads Digital Solutions for Governments in areas of Identity and Identity based solutions, Health, Social Security and Public Finance Management.


Session 2 Panelists

Spotlight on Contactless Biometrics

[15:45-16:30 (CET)]

Nicolas Raffin

Nicolas Raffin

VP, Marketing
Biometric Devices Div

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Nicolas Raffin is VP Marketing of the Biometric Devices division of IDEMIA, the global leader of Augmented Identity. This division develops and sells a range of fingerprint and facial recognition terminals, among which the emblematic MorphoWave touchless fingerprint device, the recent VisionPass advanced 2D/3D/IR facial recognition device or the newly-launched ID Screen multi-application biometric Tablet.


Prior to this role, Nicolas was in charge of marketing and innovation for IDEMIA’s Financial Institutions business unit,  where he launched several new key products like F.Code, the fingerprint card.

Before joining IDEMIA, Nicolas launched the Continental Europe activity for US payment services company Blackhawk Network, and held various sales and marketing roles within Gemalto (now Thales).

Mohammed Murad

Mohammed Murad

VP, Global Sales, Marketing & Business Development

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Mohammed Murad is the Vice President of Sales and Business Development and a Board of Director for Iris ID Systems.  He is a highly accomplished international business and technical leader with exceptional decision-making skills.  He offers a unique combination of market knowledge and leadership experience within global identity management industries.  Mohammed has extensive experience providing strategic solutions to multinational commercial and government clients.  He has been directly involved in secure and implementing some of the largest iris biometric business system in the world including (1) Andhra Pradesh, India, 60 million people welfare program (2) India, 1.2 billion people UIDAI program (3) Mexico, 110 million people National ID program and (4) Qatar Immigration and border control, 20 million plus. Currently Muhammed serves on the board of International Biometric Identification Association (IBIA) in Washington DC and as an advisor to the Secutronics board, the fastest growing security firm in Saudi Arabia and on the.


Martin Agbassou

Regional Manager

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Martin Agbassou is Regional Manager of the African market at ZKTeco. A Togolese national living and working in China for several  years, his passion for biometrics led him to join ZKTeco; a world leading Biometrics solution provider committed in ensuring a safe and responsible use of biometrics for identity for all. Agbassou has great experience in answering Biometric-related questions in an African context.

David Gerulski

David Gerulski

Executive Vice President
Integrated Biometrics

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David Gerulski has managed high-growth security technology companies for more than twenty years. As Executive Vice President for Integrated Biometrics (IB), he has presided over the greatest period of growth in the company’s history. Through his insight and vision, the company has become the world’s leading provider of mobile, rugged, low-power biometric fingerprint scanners for military, police, border, financial and humanitarian applications. He is the leading public proponent for the role of IB’s patented light emitting sensor (LES) technology in securing the rights of identity for citizens of developing nations and speaks regularly to media and at industry events

Jean-Baptiste MILAN

Jean-Baptiste Milan

Product Manager - HID goID
HID Global

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Jean-Baptiste Milan is the Product Manager, goID for the Citizen Identity Business Area within HID Global. He has over 12 years’ experience in electronic identity projects around the globe, having previously created the ePassport Product Line for Arjo Systems based in Asia. Jean-Baptiste is active across many standardization groups, including ISO, where he contributes to the writing of the coming mDL standard (mobile Driving Licence). Based in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Jean-Baptiste is a graduate in Telecommunications and is a regular speaker at identity industry events.


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